What students have said about me:

“Professor Agata was very informative and was a great joy to participate in her class. I really learned a lot and improved my writing skill and I’m so happy I took this class.”

“Coming out of this class I feel I am a better writer. I also know how to write various business documents that I need to be proficient in for the business field.”

“She’s a great public speaker and she’s really nice.”

“Professor Agatha is just a great teacher. She goes beyond her ways to make sure that you learn, she explains EVERYTHING very well and is always available when you need her. I would love for her to teach every single course I take. She’s great.”

“The Professor was always well organized, on time, and professional. She was willing to answer any questions when they would arise and made her instructions clear and concise.”

“Very organized. Clear prompts and assignments. Professor Boxe is an amazing woman and an even better educator.”

“She provided a substantial amount of help if the students needed it. Very attentive and caring to the intellectual growth of her students.”

“I loved Professor Agata, she did her best in providing us interesting topics to read and I feel we had very great discussions in class about the articles.”

“Professor Agata goes above and beyond to ensure students success in school as well provide guidance for our future. She is inspirational and really motivates her students to grow in different areas of our lives not just writing.”

“Professor Boxe was completely fair in all of her grading. She gave us several opportunities to excel in her course. She let us know of all assignments ahead of time. She is really my most favorite professor because she taught me so much on things I would have to know for
the future.”

“Professor Boxe is an excellent professor who cares about student success. Professor Boxe responded promptly to emails and kept the class up-to-date on coursework information. Professor Boxe did not hesitate to explain project procedures or objectives and did a
phenomenal job of relaying course information in and out of the classroom.”

“Professor was very well organized. All her class work assignments and take home assisngments were very well understood. I never had a problem with the course. Professor was very understanding and helped everytime it was needed. Responded to emails quickly. Assignments had more than enough time to be completed.”

“She is able to interact with students on a person al level while still being professional, she cares about students.”

“She is helpful, and considerate of other students concerns. She is also very good at what she does.”

“She has always encouraged discussions, questions, and made herself available for students and their needs.”

“The instructor’s lectures were very interesting and I was able to apply the writing skills that I have acquired into my work life.”

“Prof Boxe’s course was interesting. She shows passion and dedication to her work and students. She was challenging and critique hard my work. This push and shape my work for the better. She is an inspiration and the guide I needed for my professional and student career. It was helpful how she broken down each assignment. I enjoyed the guest speakers, it was great learning experience.”

“Great interesting topics and the addition of blog post was fun to do since I never did blogs before.”

“Group blog discussion was a great addition to this class. I particularly liked that we got a chance to do our resume and cover letter and receive feedback from the professor.”

“She is well organized and informative. She taught me many new things and concepts. She was very nice.”

“Extremely organized and efficient.”

“She is very patient and thorough with the way she runs this course and provides the material.”

“I like how the class was not only about doing work and receiving a grade, but also teaching us things that we will always need in our professional life. The emphasis on research was also very helpful especially to help me prepare for future jobs and graduate school.”

“My professor is sweet and understanding. Always willing to help her students and answer questions.”

“The best motivator professor ever.”

“The high energy in the lectures was enough to grasp the class’ attention.”

“The instructor is very clear on how she wants our work to be. Provides lots of examples for us.”

“The professor did a great job at selecting topics that we could apply to the real world. She really sparked my interest in science and research.”

“This professor is always very clear on what she expects when it comes to assignments. She is also a quick grader and is easy to get in contact with if you ever need help.”

“Very informative, and encouraging. I loved this class.”