Scientific American Mind

Too Much Emotional Intelligence Is a Bad Thing

Some People Suffer from Face Blindness for Other Races

National Geographic News

Corpse Bride: Lizard Necrophilia Reported in Brazil


A Steady Diet of Seabird Chicks Makes Island Mice Huge

Underwater Finds Reveal Humans’ Long Presence in North America

CBS News

The secrets of short sleepers: How do they thrive on less sleep?

Some birth control pills linked to higher breast cancer risk in study

Does skipping breakfast help or hurt your diet?

Give up firstborn for free Wi-Fi? Some click “I agree”

3D visualization sheds light on Richard III’s spinal condition

DARPA program to develop brain implants for mental disorders

Truvia sweetener is toxic to fruit flies, study finds

Goldfish named George gets life-saving tumor surgery

New Scientist

Darwin’s fast-evolving finches use a natural insect repellent

Zoologger: Octopus makes own quicksand to build burrow on seabed

Mysterious beautiful blue crayfish is new species from Indonesia

Zoologger: A spider that looks and smells like bird droppings

Zoologger: The baby spiders that munch up their mum

Live Science

Taller, Fatter, Older: How Humans Have Changed in 100 Years

Sexy Thoughts: The Mind Is Key in Female Orgasm

Marijuana and Your Health: What 20 Years of Research Reveals

Still ‘Drinkable’: 200-Year-Old Booze Found in Shipwreck

Venomous Snakebite Captured in a Photo

Mummified Fetus Reveals Ancient Surgical Procedure

Weight-Loss Supplement Linked to Liver Failure Case

Your Typing Style Can Reveal Your Emotions

Psychology Today

Abby Bales: Battling Ulcerative Colitis on a Blog

Sex Scandals in Politics: Who Cares?

The Insatiable Shopper

Science Magazine online

Guts of obese dogs look similar to those of obese people

Video: How to anesthetize an octopus

A nine-armed octopus? Not so fast


Arctic Sea Ice Loss Driving Dramatic Temperature Increase in Alaska

Climate Change Might Deliver a Serious Blow to Cocaine Production

A Young Scientist Makes a Remarkable Discovery in New York City


Emily Bazelon on Bullying

Gotham Gazette

Manhattan Nursing Home Rates Low in Health Care

Brooklyn Based

Beyond Statistics: Brooklyn Has City’s Highest Rate of Domestic Violence

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